Photographer Gloves Grip Hot Shot IV

Excellent grip! Warm gloves for shooting


This photographer gloves has excellent grip. Sizes are offered in four sizes, S, M, L and XL.
It is easy to grab with the random patterns made out of grip materials on the entire palm.
They come with mittens which prevent fingers from getting cold during transportation.
It features a removable finger cap for thumb and index fingers out of five fingers, it becomes very handy when you need detailed operation such as focus operation and the shutter button operation with a camera, etc. Also, the materials for these fingers can respond to touch panels, so you can use touch panels on smart phones and cameras while wearing gloves.


  • They make you hold the camera firmly with the entire area with all-grip material
  • You do not miss any opportunities for a great picture with touch panels responsive materials and removable finger cap function.
  • Mitten gives your finger extra warmth.


  • Photographer Gloves Grip Hot Shot IV
  • The enlarged image of grip materials on the palm area.


Basic Information

Product name in Japanese
カメラマングローブ Grip Hot Shot IV
KenkoTokina Corporation
4,000 yen (excl. tax)
※The price and sizes may vary depending on the store.
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