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Kikyou Shingen mochi matcha ice pop (multi)

Ice pops that combine matcha with Yamanashi's famous "Kikyou Shingen mochi"

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These matcha ice pops are jointly developed by the Akagi Nyugyo dairy company and Kikyoya famous for "Kikyou Shingen mochi" that represents Yamanashi. Inside of the matcha flavored ice pops, there are bean jam cakes, brown sugar syrup sauce, and roasted soybean flour ice cream.
The matcha ice cream is made from Uji matcha, and the roasted soybean flour ice cream uses roasted soybean flour from Japan. For the brown sugar sauce, it uses brown sugar that has plenty of minerals that is reminiscent of the rich brown sugar syrup used in "Kikyo Shingen mochi".


  • These ice pops make use of Yamanashi's popular "Kikyou Shingen mochi".
  • A multi product with stick type pops that are easy to eat.


  • Kikyou Shingen mochi matcha ice pop (multi)

    Kikyou Shingen mochi matcha ice pop (multi)

  • A cross section

    A cross section



Product name in Japanese
Akagi Nyugyo Co., Ltd.
500 yen(tax not included)
56 ml × 6 ice pops
96 kcal per ice pop