Dream Pet Birthing Series: The cat gave birth!

A surprising intellectual education toy that gives birth to kittens when she's pet


This progressive toy that even surprises adults it allow someone to experience a cat giving birth and taking care of her kittens.
Although it may look like a normal plush toy, when you pet the back of the pregnant cat, she reacts by meowing, and if you continue to pet her, her cry will change to a "grumbling" sound once she goes into labor.
You can experience removing the kittens, and also learning how to safely care for the newborn kittens. You can also hear sounds of "gulps" and "burps" during the authentic nursing.
While enjoying being astonished and deeply moved from the moment of a new life being born, it also fosters kindness among children and feelings of wanting to cherish animals.
You won't know what color the kittens are or how many come out until they are born.


  • A progressive intellectual education toy.
  • You can experience various stages including the mother cat's pregnancy, her giving birth, and nursing.
  • Three kittens are born, and it is possible for four or five to sometimes be born.
  • It took first prize in the innovative toy division a the 2019 Japanese Toy Awards.



  • Other than cats, rabbits and dogs are also sold

    Other than cats, rabbits and dogs are also sold

  • Nursing


  • She reacts if you gently pet her

    She reacts if you gently pet her


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Product name in Japanese
夢ペット 産んじゃったシリーズ ねこ産んじゃった!
5,800 yen(tax not included)
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