WHO are YOU? Real Rescue

This is surprise toy that transforms after washing with water and moves like a real pet.


This is a surprise toy where you can experience the excitement of not knowing what the strange furball will transform into until you wash it.
The strange furballs come in two colors, miracle blue and miracle pink. When you pick up the strange furball, it will vibrate in your hand and when you wash it in water, you will be able to hear a heartbeat as if breathing in air and it will transform into a stuffed animal. Enjoy the surprise of finding out what kind of animal after you wash it.
There are 35 sounds or vibrational effects and you can enjoy similar movements to a real animal.
If you feed milk to the transformed stuffed animal, it will make drinking and burping sounds and if you hug it, it will start to sleep and you can sleep together with it.

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  • This is an advanced toy that even adults will be surprised by.
  • The furball will transform into a stuffed animal once you wash it with water.
  • 35 sounds and vibration effects are included and it seems almost like a real animal.



  • Miracle Blue, Miracle Pink

    Miracle Blue, Miracle Pink

  • It starts off as a strange furball

    It starts off as a strange furball


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Product name in Japanese
WHO are YOU ? リアルレスキュー
7,800 yen (tax not included)
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