Success Medicated Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner supporting men who want to always be clean and ready for tomorrow

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Success is a total mens' care brand that has researched male scalp, hair, and skin conditions for a long time. Success shampoo and conditioner is a popular item, made for men in their thirties who have started worrying about the state of their scalps and hair, and who have gained increased social responsibility.
The shampoo contains "micro degradation bubbles," which makes hair that doesn't lather easily due to styling agents and dirty skin become frothy in just three seconds. It also quickly rids your pores of oil and sticky wax, as well as washing away odor-causing compounds. In addition to the regular product, they also offer EX (extra) Cool type.
There are two types of conditioner: "Lift-Up Rinse" gives your hair a gentle raised finish, and "Rinse" will make your hair light and smooth.


  • Success is the No.1 shampoo and conditioner brand on the market among Japanese men.
  • Micro degradation bubbles lather in just three seconds, cleaning your pores of oil, wax, and odors.
  • Aqua citrus fragrance.
  • Economic refills available.
  • Made in Japan.
  • A wide variety of products, including no-rinse shampoo and shampoo for people with stiff hair.


  • Success Medicated Shampoo, Left: Regular, Right: EX Cool

    Success Medicated Shampoo, Left: Regular, Right: EX Cool

  • Left: Lift-Up Rinse, Right: Rinse

    Left: Lift-Up Rinse, Right: Rinse


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Product name in Japanese
サクセス 薬用シャンプー、リンス
Kao Corporation
400ml each
Pharmacy, daily need stores, etc.
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)