Charm Nap Absorbent Sarafi® Organic Cotton

Urinary product for females using organic cotton

Sanitary products

With bladder leak care products, there is a long usage time and long period of use, and many females suffer from stuffiness and rash. Charm Nap Absorbent Sarafi® Organic Cotton can be used with confidence because of its natural wearing fit and high absorbency.
Two-layer structure of hydrophilic material (cotton) and water-repellent material penetrates moisture quickly into the lower layer and makes moisture difficult to reverse. It absorbs sweat and even moisture and decreases stuffiness.
Five product lineup from which you can choose from 3cc to 50cc based on your bladder leak level.


  • The sheet that touches your skin is made with additive-free 100% organic cotton.
  • Lineup allows you to select a product depending on bladder leak level. .
  • Deodorizing polymer compound which locks in odor (15cc).


  • Package
  • Natural feel


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Product name in Japanese
チャームナップ 吸水さらフィ オーガニックコットン100%
Unicharm Corporation
Around 350 yen each
Absorption Amount
3cc, 5cc, 15cc, 30cc, 50cc
Pharmacy, Sundry store, etc.
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)