Saute Curry

Curry roux that can be used to create a delicious curry with sauteed ingredients

Curry roux

An easily dissolvable curry roux paste with the concentrated aroma of brilliant spices and the deliciousness of meat, vegetables, and fruits.
You can create an easy curry by sauteing meat and vegetables in a frying pan, adding water and the roux, then simmering for 2 minutes until the curry thickens. One package makes 2-3 servings of curry, so it's perfect for a small family.
There are 2 varieties of this product: medium hot and refreshingly hot.
The medium hot variety has the flavor of onion and chutney, and a rich stock that compliments vegetables well.
The refreshingly hot variety has the refreshing flavor and acidity of tomatoes, along with the spiciness of roasted red peppers that go well with vegetables.


  • You can make a delicious curry with seasonal vegetables.
  • Can be made easily in a short amount of time.
  • Perfect for a family of two (makes 2-3 servings).


  • Saute Curry, medium hot

    Saute Curry, medium hot

  • Saute Curry, refreshingly hot

    Saute Curry, refreshingly hot


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Product name in Japanese
House Foods Corp.
230 yen each (tax not included)
※Prices may vary by shop.
Medium hot: 91g, Refreshingly hot: 89g
Expiration Date
1 year after production (unopened)
Available at
supermarkets, etc.
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)