Uniqlo AIRism Mask

A popular mask that utilizes high-performance filters and AIRism materials



This mask utilizes Uniqlo's proprietary AIRism material which is soft and gentle on your skin.
It has a three-layer structure, with the layer that comes into contact with your skin made from Uniqlo's AIRism material. The middle layer is a filter that blocks 99% of all particles, including bacteria and pollen. The outermost layer is made from a mesh material that blocks 90% of incoming UV rays.
This mask can be washed and worn multiple times. (Its effectiveness is reduced by repeated washing.)
Three different sizes (including the regular L size, a smaller M size, and an S size for children) are available.
Each set of three masks costs 990 yen (excluding tax).

3 sizes available

  • L size (W: 23.0cm x H: 14.5cm).
  • M size (W: 22.0cm x H: 14.0cm).
  • S size (W: 18.0cm x H: 12.0cm).

※Please note that masks do not offer complete protection against infection (by incoming pathogens).


  • A mask made using our popular AIRism material.
  • Can be washed and worn multiple times.
  • High-performance filter.


  • Uniqlo AIRism Mask
  • An AIRism logo is printed on the side of the mask that should touch your face when wearing it.
  • Package
  • Back of package
  • Each set of three masks costs 990 yen (excluding tax)


  • 黃益凱


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Each set of three masks costs 990 yen (excluding tax)
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