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Safe for children’s skin! A non-alcohol insect repellent.

Insect repellent

A bug repellent that’s effective against mosquitoes, ticks, leaches and bed bugs.
Its unique formula is made without alcohol so you can use it safely on your kids.
Now available in a sprayable “easy mist!”, spreadable “easy gel” type and “easy sheet” wet tissue type that’s great for on the go.


  • Made with DEET, the globally trusted agent for protecting against bugs.
  • Sold in 3 different mist, gel, and wipe formulas.
  • Free of alcohol (ethanol), fragrances, color additives, parabens and surfactants for gentle use on skin. ※The wipe/sheet style product only includes surface active agents/surfactants



  • (left) Easy Mist, (right) Easy Gel

    (left) Easy Mist, (right) Easy Gel


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はじめてのサラテクトPremium 0
Earth Corporation.
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