Birth place: Chiba prefecture

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Japanese blogger managing numerous blogs about beer, lunch, travel, and more! He puts an emphasis on enjoying the experience of the meal as much as the meal itself.

in my 40’s
Birth place
Chiba prefecture
Favorite food
Curry, ramen, gyoza, sushi
Food I hate
Greasy food
Traveling, trying out different izakaya, toasting a drink
What I’m good at
Carrying people bridal-style
What I’m not good at
Where in Japan I recommend the most and why to travelers in Japan.
The Kanda area of Tokyo. There’s so much delicious food and sake to enjoy there. So much you could never run out of things to try!
Favorite memory from traveling in Japan.
Taking tours of wineries in Kofu and Katsunuma in Yamanashi Prefecture. They were both fun and delicious!
Must do activity for visitors to Japan.
Diving in Okinawa, home of one of the most beautiful oceans in the world! It’s also great for a first-time diving experience!