Cape Soya

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Japan’s Northernmost Cape.
When you look at the expanse of the ocean sprawling in front of you, you can really appreciate that you are at the farthest northernmost point of Japan.
43 kilometers away across the ocean is the Russian Sakhalin Island, and on clear days it can even be seen by the naked eye!
For those who have travelled all across Japan, reaching this place gives off a huge sense of accomplishment for their journey.

This spot features a stone monument built to resemble the ridge of the North Star, known as “Japan’s Northernmost Land,” and it is famous for being a photography hotspot. The base of the monument is said to represent “peace and cooperation.”
At night the stone monument is illuminated, giving yet another wondrous atmosphere different to that of the spot during the day.
A nearby souvenir shop sells “Northernmost Certificates” for 100 yen, which are popular commemorative souvenirs with visitors.
Depending on the time of year it may be cold, so please dress appropriately and bring a jacket if needed.

Basic information on Cape Soya

Cape Soya

Soyamisaki, Wakkanai City, Hokkaido
Within short walking distance from the Soya Cape stop along the Soya Cape Bus’s “Tenkita Cape Soya” Line.
0162-23-6161(Wakkanai City Office)