Eating Out

  • Kyouyuuan

    Tokyo style chewiness, texture, and the feeling as you swallow the food are cherished as the pride of this soba noodle restaurant

    Kiryu, Ashikaga / Japanese Cuisine / Soba noodle restaurant

    • The changing seasons soba noodles offered for a limited time has various ingredients such as Japanese mugwort, beefsteak plant, and sakura shrimp
    • Savor superfine soba noodles in a chilled soup with their specialty, a high quality, pure, chilled soup garnished with Japanese yams
    • Enjoy the best combination possible with delicious soba noodles paired with a comforting view
  • 〼kuramae


    A cozy izakaya with fresh seafood and delicious sake

    Ueno / Izakaya / Pub・Sake / Closest to Kuramae Station

    • Fresh sashimi sourced directly from Hakodate Market
    • Restaurant exterior
  • Fujiya Honten

    Enjoy Kiryu's local cuisine at a well known restaurant established over 120 years ago

    Kiryu, Ashikaga / Japanese Cuisine / Udon noodle restaurant

    • The sixth generation owner diligently makes the himokawa udon noodles. They are also very popular as a gift.
    • Kiryu's specialty Himokawa udon noodles have a tremendous impact both in their appearance and flavor!
    • Enjoy as a set Kiryu's local cuisine of himokawa udon noodles and a pork cutlet rice bowl with sauce
  • Bakery Café Renga

    Enjoy a cozy moment in a historical red brick café

    Kiryu, Ashikaga / Café / Café

    • You can relax in the breeze together with your pet on the terrace seats by the entrance.
    • A set menu consisting of soup, a drink, and three pieces of bread.
    • An array of many varieties of bread, including french toast made to look like a saw-tooth roof.
  • Hachikura

    A relaxing moment with a delightful cup of coffee paired with a delicious pastries

    Kiryu, Ashikaga / Café / Cafe

    • The exterior looks like a traditional Japanese-style house. The yellow walls and green leaves make it easily recognizable
    • Peeking through the cluster of trees are the west gate and main hall of Banna-ji
    • A deliciously rich pudding with bittersweet caramel
  • Ippudo Ginza


    A Popular Place Serving Tonkotsu Ramen

    Ginza / Ramen / Tonkotsu Ramen

    • “Shiromaru Moto Aji”, the original taste of Ippudo Ramen
    • Akamaru Shinmi, a newer flavor of Ippudo Ramen
  • Shounan Pancake Odaiba branch


    A restaurant that specializes in making fluffy pancakes with fresh ingredients from Kanagawa

    Odaiba / Café / Pancakes

    • Exterior
    • Manu Samples
    • Restaurant Menu
    • Interior