Must Buy From Japan

  • hibicare

    For Treating Chapped or Cracked Skin Due to Cold or Dryness

    Medicine / Skin Ointments

    • hibicare nanko a (ヒビケア軟膏a)
    • hibicare FT (ヒビケアFT)
  • Muhi Alpha EX

    A Bug Bite Treating Cream Made with a Focus on Effectiveness

    Medicine / Skin Ointments

    • Tube-type cream
    • Package
    • Graphic showing examples of insect bites the product is effective on
  • Ochazuke Nori

    An Ochazuke Base with Fragrant Nori and Arare

    Food, Alcohol / Ochazuke

    • The delicious, calming taste of ochazuke
    • Sold in an 8-pack bag
    • Make it in a large bowl.

    A Dermal Medication that Suppresses Inflammation Caused By Dermatitis, Rashes, and More

    Medicine / Skin Ointments

    • FLUCORT®f
    • CORT f®MD Ointment
    • CORT f®AT Ointment, Cream