Things to Do

  • Private Charter Flight at Kobe


    Emperor Nintoku Mausoleum and Mozu-Furuichi Kofun Group Flight Tour

    Hyogo, Kobe / Experiences Facilities / Flight Tour

    • Participants listening to the captain's explanations. Announcements can also be made in English.
    • The airplane is compact, with a cute, rounded shape.
    • The seats inside face each other, so it's easy to talk! The seats are also made of leather for extra comfort!
    • Relatively low flying only experienced in small airplanes. Enjoy your 40-minute trip in the air!
Photo by Tetsuya Ito / Courtesy of SKY TREK
    • A total length of 486m. From the ground you cannot see the whole area, but from above you can enjoy the magnificent sight of this, the largest keyhole-shaped tomb mound in Japan.
    • Due to the low altitude, you can see the 300m skyscraper Abeno Harukas up close. It gives you a special yet strange feeling.
  • Ashikaga Machinaka Yugakukan

    Take a walk around Ashikaga in a beautiful kimono made from Ashikaga meisen silk

    Kiryu, Ashikaga / Experiences Facilities / Tourism Information Center

    • This is the focal point for Ashikaga's tourism. Gather tons of information here and then head out!
    • If you walk around the historic streets in a kimono, it will feel like you've gone back in time
    • You should also visit the nearby Bannaji Temple
  • Saiko 'Iyashi no sato NENBA'


    Traditional Japanese Scenery, Thatched Roofs and Mt. Fuji

    Yamanashi / Experiences Facilities / Famous Place・Theme park

    • Entrance
    • View from Fujimi Bridge
    • From late February through early April of each year, hina dolls are put on display at “Kutsurogi-ya.”
    • Dress-up experience: 1,000 yen per person
    • Mt. Fuji and nostalgic old-time scenery
    • Springtime cherry blossoms
    • Snowy scene
  • Yomiuriland


    The representative amusement park of Tokyo that is roughly 30 minutes from Shinjuku Station and can be enjoyed by children and adults throughout the year.

    Tama / Amusement Park / Amusement park

    • Ferris Wheel and Sakura Flowers
    • POOL WAI
    • Goodjoba!!
    • Lots of New Attractions
    • Zombie Event of Halloween
    • Panoramic View of Illumination
    • Fountain Shows
    • Lights On Parade during the Illumination Period


    You will gather the knowledge that invention and discovery at this interactive museum by seeing, touching, playing, eating, and having fun.

    Yokohama / Experiences Facilities / Museum

    • Create your own original CUPNOODLES at My CUPNOODLES Factory.
    • An astounding selection of over 3,000 product packages displays the instant noodle lineup that started with Chicken Ramen
    • The Exterior
    • Make Chicken Ramen by hand at the Chicken Ramen Factory!
  • Ashikaga Flower Park


    A paradise of flowers and lights. And in this place, its greatest gift: a stunning tunnel of great wisterias

    Kiryu, Ashikaga / Parks, Gardens / Flower Park

    • A great wisteria that is over 150 years old
    • A trellis of pure white wisterias that extends for some 80m. A gentle fragrance covers the whole area.
    • A tunnel of beautiful, radiant yellow kibana wisterias
    • The magical illumination at night during the "A Tale of the Wisteria" season
    • Rose-themed lighting on show during "The Garden of Illuminated Flowers"
  • Mejiro Garden

    A Japanese Garden Centered Around a Pond that Changes from Season to Season

    Ikebukuro / Parks, Gardens / Garden

    • Mejiro Garden
    • Lit up autumn leaves


    A theme park where you can enjoy the world of the popular anime ONE PIECE (in Tokyo Tower)

    Shinbashi / Amusement Park / Theme park

    • Entrance
    • 5th Floor  Luffy's Endless Adventure
    • 3rd floor TONGARI STORE
    • Photo spot