Akiyoshido Cave

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One of the Three Great Caves of Japan, Akiyoshido Cave has a total length of 8850 meters. It is considered a Special Natural Monument of Japan.
Taking about 1 hour to complete, a 1 kilometer long sightseeing course is available.
Throughout all four seasons the cave remains at a constant 17 ° C, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

There are three entrances to the cave, and from the main entrance around 1/3 of the cave is wheelchair-accessible.
The most fascinating sight inside is called “One Hundred Plates,” where over 500 flat rocks overlap like a terraced field. Such a large-scale rock feature like this is rare.
The cave also features the “Golden Pillar,” a 15-meter-tall and 4-meter-wide enormous stalactite. Be sure not to miss it!
Bats and sightless shrimp, among other cave creatures, can be found inside.

Akiyoshido Cave, Golden Pillar, Stalactites, Flow Stone, Daikokubashira, Symbol
[Golden Pillar]

To those who would not be satisfied just looking through the cave, we recommend the “Adventure Course,” (additional 300-yen fee) where you explore the caves and move through the stalactites with flashlights and ladders!

Akiyoshido Cave, Nagabuchi, Erosion, Rocky Texture, Adventure, Mystery

Basic information on Akiyoshido Cave

Akiyoshido Cave

3506-2 Akiyoshi, Shuho-cho, Mine City
7 minutes on foot from the Akiyoshido Cave bus stop (45 minutes by bus from JR Yamaguchi Station)
(March-November) 8:30-17:30, (December-February) 8:30-16:30
Open every day
16 and up 1200 yen. Junior high school students 950 yen. Elementary school students 600 yen.