Glico “Pocky Deep and Dark Matcha”

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Written by  Chigusa

The long-selling “Pocky” is a stick snack with pretzels covered by chocolate coatings.
In this article, we are going to introduce the “Deep and Dark Matcha” flavored Pocky, which we believe must be irresistible to all matcha lovers!
The good thing is, they are reasonably priced and available at convenience stores and supermarkets.

※Limited time and limited quantity offer (the sales will end when run out of supplies in stores)

Pocky Deep and Dark Matcha
Pocky Deep and Dark Matcha

Pocky Deep and Dark Matcha

Product name in Japanese
ポッキー 濃い深み抹茶
136yen (Tax incl.)
Net content
2 packages (32.5g each)

Open a box and you will find 2 individually wrapped packages.

15 sticks in a package.
Beautiful matcha green color!

The ingredient for both chocolate and pretzels includes “Uji Matcha”.
Especially for the pretzels, matcha with slight bitterness is used.

Wonderful flavor of matcha! Slightly bitter just like matcha should be, and they have such a good aroma too.
Not too sweet and easy to eat. You may find it hard to stop eating them…..

Also delicious when chilled.