From skin- to oral care, Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare products are worth checking out!

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Drugstores offer products ranging from cosmetics to medicine, sweets and popular souvenirs. In this raft of products, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the makers, for example “Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare”, a major Japanese pharmaceutical company which has been developing and selling products which are highly trusted by the Japanese people. Its wide lineup of products includes skincare products, digestive and cold medicines and toothpaste. This time, we would like to introduce some recommended products.

MINON Amino Moist / A soft, moist facial mask

“MINON Amino Moist / A soft, moist facial mask” is a sheet mask soaked in plenty of beauty essence which often is often talked about as it regularly ranks among the top on Japanese review sites. The sheet mask contains a blend of carefully selected highly moisturizing amino acids clings to the skin. The beauty essence permeates the outer layer of the skin, leading to a deeply moisturized skin. The hypoallergenic formula makes the mask suitable for sensitive and dry skin. Allowing simple skincare at home, this makes the perfect souvenir!

【Product description】
Suggested retail price (excl. tax):22mL×4 sheets Open price

Daiichi Sankyo Digestive medicine (fine granules) a

In case you have overeaten yourself with the many delicious foods available in Japan, we recommend the digestive medicine “Daiichi Sankyo Digestive medicine (fine granules) a “, which contains a blend of 2 types of digestive enzymes and 6 types of components strengthening the stomach. Apart from combatting the effects of overeating, it is also effective in case of overdrinking and a heavy stomach.

【Product description】
Classification:Type 2 OTC-drug
Overeating, overdrinking, heavy stomach, stomach discomfort
Suggested retail price (excl. tax):12 sachets ¥700 / 32 sachets ¥1,450 / 60 sachets ¥2,350

Shin Lulu A Gold DX

If you feel a little coldish, “Shin Lulu A Gold DX” is recommended. Containing a blend of 9 types of active ingredients, it is a cold medicine effective against symptoms such as fever, sore throat or a runny nose and comes in easy-to-swallow, small sugar coated tablets. Since it can be taken by children aged 7 or over, it is recommended as a household medicine.

【Product description】
Classification:Designated Type 2 OTC-drug
*Please use this medicine after consultation with a pharmacist/registered seller and after reading the precautions on the patient leaflet.
Alleviation of cold symptoms (fever, sore throat, runny nose)
Suggested retail price (excl. tax):30 tablets ¥1,000 / 60 tablets ¥1,700 / 90 tablets ¥2,200

Clean Dental

“Clean Dental” is a medicinal toothpaste developed to promote healthy teeth and gums. Containing a blend of 10 medicinal ingredients such as 3 disinfecting and 2 anti-inflammatory components and fluorine increasing the quality of the teeth, it provides comprehensive care for both teeth and gums ranging from treating periodontal disease (periodontitis/inflammation of the gums) to the prevention of caries.

【Product description】
For prevention of periodontal disease (periodontitis/inflammation of the gums) and caries
Suggested retail price (excl. tax):50g ¥920 / 100g ¥1,680

“Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare” also offers other products such as hair care products or nutritional drinks which cannot be introduced here. It is a company with a very impressive development capability worth keeping in mind. Please check it out at the drugstore.