Inochi no Haha White

Medication for Improving Women’s Mental and Physical Health

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Irritability and a quick temper, poor skin condition, and painful cramps.
These are all possible symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
Inochi no Haha White contains 11 types of crude medicines that have been used as medication for women since ancient times. By warming the body through promoting blood circulation, this product is able to help relieve period cramps (menstrual pain), headaches, lower back pain, irritability, mental and physical disorders, menstrual irregularity, chills, and other symptoms.


  • Contains 11 types of crude medicines used to treat gynecological problems.
  • Take when you expect your period is coming to help treat symptoms before and during menstruation.
  • If you have irregular periods, continue to take for 1-2 months to confirm its effects.
  • Product designed for women in their 20s-40s.
  • Take 4 tablets per dose, 3 times a day after meals with water or hot water.
  • Not for use while breastfeeding or by those under 15 years of age.



  • Left: 180 tablets    Right: 84 tablets

    Left: 180 tablets Right: 84 tablets


  • Hao Chien



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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
84 tablets 1,100 yen, 180 tablets 2,400 yen, 360 tablets 4,320 yen (tax not included)
*The price may vary depending on the store.
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