Let’s have our fill of Japanese food and take care of our stomach with Daiichi Sankyo Digestive medicine!

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Haven’t you ever wondered about the condiments (seasonings such as wasabi, ginger, Japanese mustard, grated radish added to the food to enhance the flavor and whet the appetite) when eating Japanese food? These are not just here for decoration but are the wisdom of the health-conscious Japanese cuisine. Wasabi in sushi refreshes your mouth and has antibacterial effects, while the grated radish served with tempura contains digestive enzymes improving digestion. Japanese cuisine has incorporated such wisdoms since ancient times in order to make the meals even more enjoyable.

Alongside these wisdoms, digestive medicine is also incorporated into daily life in Japan.
“Daiichi Sankyo Digestive medicine (fine granules) a” contains the company’s own digestive enzyme "Taka-diastase N1", which was discovered based on the digestive effect of grated radish. In addition, it contains a fat-digesting enzyme and a blend of 6 types of herbal medicines for a strong stomach. The medicine is available in three different sizes as packages with 12, 32 or 60 sachets containing the right dose.

【Product description】
Product name:Daiichi Sankyo Digestive medicine (fine granules) a
Classification:Type 2 OTC-drug
Overeating, overdrinking etc.
Suggested retail price (excl. tax):12 sachets ¥700 / 32 sachets ¥1,450 / 60 sachets ¥2,350

“Daiichi Sankyo Digestive medicine Plus Fine granules”, a high-class product within the “Daiichi Sankyo Digestive medicine” series, contains the company’s own lactic acid bacteria and not only acts on an upset stomach, but also has a regulative effect on the intestinal function. In addition, it has an excellent effect in case of loose stool or constipation. This medicine is available in three different types of packages containing 12, 30 or 52 sachets.

【Product description】
Product name:Daiichi Sankyo Digestive medicine Plus Fine granules
Classification:Type 2 OTC-drug
Overeating, loose stool, constipation
Suggested retail price (excl. tax):12 sachets ¥900 / 30 sachets ¥1,800 / 52 sachets ¥2,700

Since you’ve come all the way to Japan, you’d like to enjoy Japanese cuisine to your heart’s content. Both medicines are available in drugstores throughout Japan, so please try them out in case you’ve eaten or drunk too much or suffer from loose stool or constipation during your travels.