Okinawa`s amazing nature, see it, feel it, visit Aguni island!

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One of the attractions of Okinawa is the many small islands around the main island . One of those islands is Aguni island. It is 60 KM (only 2 hours) from Naha and it is 3 KM from North to South tip and 4 KM across. It has a population of only 800. Here you can enjoy nature and interaction with the islanders.

The main form of transportation to Aguni island is the Ferry. It makes 1 round trip each day leaving from Naha Tomari Port. The port is easily accessed from Naha airport by bus or monorail.

One way Adult (Junior high school ~) ¥3,410 / Children (Elementary School ~) ¥1,710

Weather permitting, you may see coral reef from the Ferry. If you`re lucky you may even see whales. There is also a helicopter flight from Naha airport to Aguni island. It will get you there in 25 minutes. Seating must be done in a way which balances the the helicopter evenly so If you`re lucky you may be seated next to the pilot!

When visiting Aguni island we recommend you experience learning a skill from the local islanders. For example you can experience making textiles. Fukugizome is a method of dyeing fabric using the Fukugi tree. The Fukugi tree is an integral part of island life. You can experience the interesting characteristics of the Fukugizome fabric.

▽Street view of Aguni. Fukugi trees growing on both sides of the street.

One option is dyeing a Tenugui (Japanese cotton hand towel). Tie off the Tenugui randomly using rubber bands. Then dye the fabric.

After dyeing leave it over night. Then untie it the next day. You will see that the knots made patterns. The pattern varies depending on location and how tight the knots were tied on the fabric. You can make your own unique Tenugui, a perfect keepsake from your trip to Aguni island.

Next, experience making Yushidofu. Yushidofu is soft fluffy tofu before it is put into moulds to become Shimadofu. First, well soaked soya beans are put into the blender to make soy milk. It is then filtered through cheesecloths two to three times. Then it is heated over medium heat. The key is to add sea water. Aguni island`s seawater is low in salt content. This makes the Yushidofu mild and pleasing.

Being taught by an islander also gives you a glimpse into their history and daily life. Feel the nature of Aguni by using local, natural ingredients and make a memorable experience.

This dish is easy to prepare so when you return home why not try making it again and remember your experiences on Aguni island.

Even if you don`t dive the shorelines are beautiful. Ugu beach is one of the few white sand beaches in Okinawa province. On sunny days the water becomes transparent.This makes it a great spot for snorkelling as well. This beach is also a great viewpoint for sunrises. Get up early and refresh yourself by walking to the beach and watching the sunrise.

Washrooms and showers are close to the beach so you can feel at ease when at the beach during the summer. The island is not overcrowded so you can even enjoy being the only one on the beach sometimes. Take your time and relax on the beach, that`s the Ugu way.

We tend to schedule our trips with many events. But one way to enjoy a trip is by seeing and feeling the nature of the land. Sometimes it`s a good idea to just feel the island breeze and kick back. Have a great trip to Aguni island. Get into the island and see the great nature of Aguni yourself.