The Valuable “Toei One-day Economy Pass”. Explore Tokyo's out-of-the-way spots.

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Utilizing public transportation is convenient when sightseeing in Tokyo. The economical「Toei One-day Economy Pass」 allows you unlimited use of Toei subways, Toei buses, and the Toei street car (Toden). Recently on this site we recommended some model sightseeing courses for seeing Tokyo using the Toei transit system. Because of the positive feedback from our readers we decided to create another post on the same topic. This time we want to introduce you to out-of-the-way spots which can be accessed using the Toei transit system.

▼Toei One-day Economy Pass

Valid for one day. You can hop on and off Toei subways, Toei bus(inc. Tama area), Toei streetcars Arakawa Line, Nippori-Toneri liner, freely and unlimitedly. If you can master the Toei lines you can have an awesome sightseeing experience in Tokyo as they allow you to move from spot to spot sightseeing.

Basic information on Toei One-day Economy Pass

Sales locations
Toei Subway Station ticket machines, onboard Toei buses and streetcars, and ticket machines on the Nippori-Toneri Liner line. *Advance tickets are also available.


<Recommended access: Get off the Toei Ooedo Line at Ryougoku Station or get off the Toei bus at Toei Ryougoku Eki-Mae.>
It's a museum where you can learn about the history and culture of the 400 year long Edo period. On exhibit is an elaborately made large scale diorama of an Edo period town. It`s a must see. They also exhibit historically significant specimens such as Kimono and Ukiyo-e. You can watch a ventriloquist performance or sit on a rickshaw in the experience corner. This is a museum with hands-on experiences. A real must see for history buffs.

Basic information on EDO-TOKYO MUSEUM

1-4-1 Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours
9:30-17:30, Saturday 9:30-19:30
Admission fee

Location②Amazake Yokocho

<Recommended access: Get off the Asakusa Line at the Ningyocho station.>
When you get off the train you will be at the Amazake Yokocho intersection. Enjoy a stroll along the 400 m long shopping street. You will find old-fashioned liquor shops, Tofu shops, and Wagashi shops. At the end is the Meijiza Theater. Just walking this street is enjoyable. Seasoned travels like it here because it feels like you`re back in good old downtown Japan.

Basic information on Amazake Yokocho

Nihombashi Ningyo-cho or Nihombashi Hama-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Location③Under the train tracks at Shimbashi

<Recommended access: Get off the Toei Asakusa Line at Shinbashi Station or get off the Toei bus at Shinbashi Eki Mae.>
It is the entertainment district for Japanese workers. There are many types of bars here. From Showa style, to fashionable bars that would even satisfy a woman. The cheap prices and good food are what attract the average Joe to this area. Many people love to come here for a drink after work. Why not sample the Japanese worker`s daily life by joining them at the bar.


<Recommended access: Get off the Toei Ooedo Line at Iidabashi or Ushigome-Kagurazaka station.>
It's a popular spot for it's nostalgic atmosphere. These days many new cafes and cute miscellaneous goods shops are opening in the area. Because of the spots trendiness it has risen in popularity. Come here to follow up on the newest trends or walk the charming stone paved roads and back allies at your own pace.

Basic information on Kagurazaka

Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo

This time we introduced you to some out-of-the-way spots we especially recommend. In Tokyo there are so many more fascinating spots. Not only is it interesting, it is also budget friendly to look for spots along the (Toei One-day Economy Pass) route. For people who are not satisfied with just visiting the well-known spots why not try some of these courses.