Miyakojima! Recommended beach spots and surrounding islands.

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Okinawa is one of the most famous resort destinations in Japan. It is made up of many islands including some remote islands which have their own distinct cultures, flora and fauna.
One of these islands is Miyako island. Famous for it`s beaches and tourist destinations, it is located roughly 300 km Southwest of the main island. We highly recommend you see it for yourself.


Miyakojima is about 150 square kilometres in size. The whole of island can be circled in 3 hours by car. The airport is located in the centre of the island. The island has many famous beaches which provide opportunities for a variety of recreational activities.

【Yonaha Maehama Beach】
Yonaha Maehama beach is located at the Southwest end of Miyako island. It is 7 km of white sand and was voted the best beach out of the top 10 beaches in Japan from 2013 to 2015. I you have a chance to visit Miyako island, you don`t want to miss this beach.

【Aragusuku Beach 】
Located on the east side of Miyako island is Aragusuku beach. It is a perfect snorkel spot for children and adults. The sea is shallow there and you can see a variety of coral and tropical fish. Free parking and free showers are available so you can quickly move on after a swim and some sun bathing.

【Higashi-hennazaki Cape】
A short drive east from Aragusuku beach is cape Higashi-hennazaki. It is the South Eastern cape of Miyako island. Here the 2 kilometre long protruding cliffs stand in contrast to the cobalt blue sea. The panoramic view from the light house is breathtaking.

【Sunayama Beach】
4 kilometers North from the heart of the Hirara city, lies Sunayama Beach. The white powder-like sand, beautiful sea and the naturally formed arch-shaped rock, remind you of nature’s unmatched beauty. From the parking lot to the beach, you must ascend and descend the white sand dunes. The beach lives up to its name (literally meaning “sand mountain beach”). After the long walk you will be greatly rewarded by the amazing view.

You can access Kurimajima from the bridge extending to the adjacent island beside Yonaha Maehama beach.
A small island with a population of around 200 people, one should not miss the splendid view from the Ryugu observatory.
Standing at three-stories, the small observatory offers you an extremely wide view of the whole island. The 360-degree view is quite simply put, breathtaking.

Ikemajima is located at the most Northwestern region of Miyakojima. It is connected by a bridge to the main island. It has a population of less than 700 people and only a single traffic light. Immediately after crossing the bridge and entering the island lines of souvenir shops welcome tourists.
There is a small viewing platform that is accessed by taking a flight of stairs from one of the local shops, free of charge.
From there you can see a big Miyakojima and on your left a small Ohgamijima.
There are many beach spots to be found as you circle the island by car. One has a parking space located nearby. It`s safe for tourists who would like a quick dip in the sea or enjoy snorkelling.

Irab Ohashi bridged officially opened on January 31, 2015. The bridge stretches an impressive 3,540m and became Japan’s longest toll-free bridge. Many tourists have started to visit Miyakojima just to cross this bridge.

【Toguchinohama Beach】
crossing the Irabu Ohashi and proceeding along the coast to the west, you will eventually reach Toguchinohama Beach. With a width of 50m and the length of 800m, the white sand here is so fine that walking barefoot has never felt so pleasant.

【Makiyama obsevatory tower】
This tower looks like a bird spreading its wings. You can spot this tower from the Irabu Ohashi bridge.

Here are some of the fantastic views from the tower!

【Shimoji-jima Island】
Shimoji-jima Island is adjacent to Irabu-jima and the two island are connected by a small bridge.
The most dazzling tourist spots in the Irabu region is the sky blue sea right beside Shimoji-jima Airport famously known as “Irablue”.

Shimoji-jima is home to the Shimoji-jima Airport which is used as a pilot training field. Running alongside the airport is a shallow beach.
If you get lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the airplanes landing and taking off from the Airport against the backdrop of the most beautiful scenery in Miyako Islands.

Miyakojima is a small island, surrounded 360 degrees by the sea and ocean.
Sea, sea and even more sea, as far as the eye can see!
It only takes 40 minutes from the airport to reach any of the beautiful destinations on Miyakojima.

Come and visit the beautiful ocean and all the fish!