Okinawa’s popular 24-hour diner: Highway Shokudo

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Naha City, Okinawa's Highway Shokudo is popular among locals and tourists alike for its low prices and large portions. Being open 24/7 also makes it the perfect stop for those arriving late at night, and for those who are looking to eat a big meal in the morning

Their menu features a variety of items, such as steak or grilled fish meal sets, hamburger steak, Okinawan specialties, and more! It may even surprise you to learn that at this place you can satisfy your stomach for as low as 480 yen! Highway Shokudo’s popular sirloin steak (200 g) comes with a soup, salad, and rice for only 1,100 yen.

In Okinawa, it’s common to see meal sets named in a rather unexplanatory manner. For example, the A, B, or C Lunch Set. This diner’s A Lunch Set is comparable to what you might find at a county fair eating contest. It features a hamburger steak, a fried egg, tempura, deep-fried shrimp, a deep-fried fish fillet, karaage fried chicken, macaroni salad, and more! It also includes a soup and rice for only—wait for it—880 yen! If that isn’t an amazing bargain, I don’t know what is. And as per Okinawan style, the word “lunch” is used quite loosely, as the lunch menu can be ordered at any time of day.

Highway Shokudo: oolong tea

You can enjoy all-you-can-drink oolong tea, too!

Highway Shokudo: Katsudon

This time, I ordered the Katsudon for 630 yen. It came with a bowl of miso soup. In Okinawa, even if you don’t choose a meal set, you can expect a bowl of soup and rice to come with your order. Even if you only order a miso soup, a bowl of rice is sure to accompany it.

Highway Shokudo: Katsudon

Tonnes of volume! Tonnes of veggies!

Highway Shokudo: Katsudon
Highway Shokudo: Katsudon

After a good few bites I added some shichimi (blend of seven spices) and red pickled ginger. I enjoyed the different, yet delectable, flavour greatly! The miso soup was also rich and flavourful. I was officially stuffed.

Man, was that satisfying.

Man, was that satisfying.
Whatever you order, the price and flavour are sure to be more than agreeable! I highly recommend this restaurant!

Highway Shokudo(ハイウェイ食堂)

Address:2-3-6 Maejima, Naha City, Okinawa
Business Hours:Open 24/7
Closed:Open every day
Access:5-minute walk from the Yui Rail Miebashi Station

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