Osaka’s “Expo ‘70 Commemorative Park” is the place to visit and enjoy the colours of Autumn!

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In japan we can enjoy 4 distinct seasons. The beautiful views of each season are unique. For instance in Autumn we all look forward to seeing the colours of the leaves change. For those who don`t know, I`d like to introduce you to the “Expo ’70 commemorative park” in Osaka. This park is the former site of the World Exposition held in Japan in 1970. To commemorate the huge success on the Expo the former site was preserved as the “park surrounded by the greenery”. The park is about 260 Hectares.

Natural and Cultural gardens

Natural and Cultural gardens are at the centre of this park. At the centre is the tower of the sun, which was the symbol of the World Exposition held in Japan in 1970. To the west side of the tower is a forest leading to woodland, to the east side are open fields and lawns. During Autumn you can see the flower hill filled with cosmos. You can also experience a taste of Japan`s original landscape by visiting the old style water mill and a Japanese green tea field. There are so many things to check out here but I strongly recommend you see the “Maple waterfall”. It is astonishing to see the bright red maple leaves surrounding the waterfall.

“Sorado” is an aerial promenade in the forest. When you look out from it you will have a birds-eye view of the Natural and Cultural gardens. Imagine how brilliant it would be to see the coloured leaves from above!

Maple valley around the Sorado is the other spot to experience Autumn in Japan. What a gorgeous picture the Japanese maples and trident maples paint in the valley!

The other Autumn feature in this park is the “Cosmos Festa”. It `s unforgettable to see the 300,000 cosmos planted in one place! There are 8 different kinds of cosmos planted there!

For a limited time in the Spring and Autumn the park offers train rides in the natural and cultural garden. The “Forest train” goes around the park and stops at 5 different spots including Festival plaza and Sorado.

【Forest train】
Operating period:Everyday in April, May, October and November / Saturday, Sunday and holidays in March and September / Not available December-February
*Operation is conditional. Train may or may not operate on days mentioned above.

You may also enjoy an eco friendly “Pedicab”(bicycle taxis). Operators will take you anywhere within the natural and cultural gardens. If you`re feeling a little lazy moving around within the park, this is the way to go!

Period:Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays between October 1st- November 27th
Fee:For details please refer to the website

Japanese Garden

Here you will find four styles of gardens. They showcase the skillful work of gardener’s during four different periods in Japanese history. The Heian period (8-11th century), the Kamakura and Muromachi period(12th-16th century), the Edo period(17th-19th century) and modern time. In the Autumn the gardens look so elegant. Enjoy time traveling to 4 different periods along with the decoration of the colourful leaves.

The tower of the sun

The tower of the sun created by the famous Japanese artist Taro Okamoto is definitely one of the must-sees. The tower has 3 faces which represent the past, present, and the future. This tower is located in the centre of the park as a symbol.

Forest foot bath

After walking around the vast park you might be a little tired. The “Forest foot bath” is a good place to relax. Plants and herbs harvested from the park are used in the bath to promote health.

Mampaku in Bampaku (Expo’70 park) 2016

In the Autumn many people look forward to the one of Japan’s biggest food festival held in the park. Over 80 different well-known restaurants come to the park at the same time and deliver various flavours for your enjoyment!

【Mampaku in Bampaku (Expo’70 park) 2016】
Period:October 8th-11th, 14th-17th
Admission:An advance ticket for the weekdays ¥300, at the door ¥400, an advance ticket for the weekend ¥400, at the door ¥500
*Admission to the “Natural cultural garden” is extra.

This park is huge and offers a variety of facilities. I could never write about all the attractions in a single article. If you want to enjoy Autumn in Japan then this is the place for you.

【Expo ‘70 Commemorative Park】

Address:Senri Bampaku Koen, Suita City, Osaka
Hours:9:30-17:00 (Last admission 16:30)
Closed:Wednesdays (If a public holiday, the following day will be closed instead) *Open every day during April 1st-May 2nd, October 1st- November 30th