Abashiri Prison Museum

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Japan’s famously difficult to break out of prison, Abashiri.

Once an operational prison, the old Abashiri Prison’s buildings have been carefully maintained and now are open to the public as a museum. The oldest of the prison’s buildings was built over 120 years ago!
While small children may be a bit frightened by them, the wax sculptures that depict the prisoners’ lives in the facility offer a valuable and enjoyable learning experience for adults.

However, as the grounds are fairly expansive and seeing everything can take quite a while, it is recommended that you visit when you have ample time to take it all in.
There is also no need to worry if you get hungry while touring the premises. At the “Prison Cafeteria” you can be served authentic prison meals.
This tour truly is an invaluable experience! Next time you are in Abashiri, why not give the Abashiri Prison Museum a visit?

Basic information on Abashiri Prison Museum

Abashiri Prison Museum

1-1 Yobito, Abashiri City, Hokkaido
About 7 minutes by taxi from the JR Abarashi Station.
May-September 8:30-18:00; October-April 9:00-17:00. Admission allowed until 1 hour before closing.
Open every day
Adults 1080 yen. High school and college students 750 yen. Elementary and junior high school students 540 yen.