Japan’s Greatest Evening View, Visited Even by World VIPs! What Is the Secluded “Soni Kogen”?

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Written by  Sabo

I heard that a place said to have “Japan’s greatest evening view” existed in Nara Prefecture’s “Soni Village,” and I had to visit right away!

Access to “Soni Village”

The station nearest to Soni Village is Kintetsu Railway’s “Nabari Station,” located approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes from Kansai International Airport.

Nabari Station
[Nabari Station]

A bus to Soni Village leaves from the #1 boarding area out of Nabari Station’s north exit.
The bus ride to Soni Village from Nabari Station takes about 40 minutes.
There is also a tourist information center nearby.

Tourist information center
[Tourist information center]

If you plan to go by rental car, leave via Nabari Station’s east exit; there is a car rental shop there!
I visited Soni Village via a rental car myself!

Rental car
[Rental car]

Soba Shop “Kiiroi Noren”

I had lunch in Soni Village at a soba restaurant called “Kiiroi Noren.”
As its name suggests, Kiiroi Noren (Yellow Shop Flag) is a tucked-away restaurant with just a yellow flag outside to indicate its location.

Soba Shop “Kiiroi Noren”
Soba Shop “Kiiroi Noren”

The old Japanese-style house is used as a restaurant without altering its layout, making it very comfortable.

They served fragrant and delicious authentic soba!

Soba Shop “Kiiroi Noren”

307 Igami, Soni-mura, Uda-gun, Nara
No scheduled holidays

Lodging and Shops in Soni Village

There are many lodging options in Soni Village, ranging from large to small, and there are even inns where you can experience what living in Japan was like in the past.

Inn “Kijiya”
[Inn “Kijiya”]
Inn “Kijiya”
[Inn “Kijiya”]

There are also many shops out here in nature that offer ceramics-making experiences or ceramics for sale.

Gallery Sorai
[Gallery Sorai]
Gallery Sorai
[Gallery Sorai]

Finally Arrived at Soni Kogen!

Soni Kogen is about 15 minutes by car from Soni Village.
I finally arrived at Soni Kogen!

Soni Kogen
[Soni Kogen]


The clouds….

Unfortunately, the sky didn’t clear up before the very end….

So, I’d love to see pictures from you all of your visits to Soni Village!

Photos of Soni Kogen

This is the “miraculous evening view” that I didn’t get to see.
You can see this beautiful scene in the autumn when the silver grass has ripened.

This photo is of Soni Kogen, which is lit up from autumn through winter, and the starry night sky.
Because there are few sources of light around, the stars stand out even more beautifully than usual.

[From autumn through winter]
[From autumn through winter]

The “miraculous evening view” is only available during autumn, but Soni Kogen in the summer, full of fresh greenery, is beautiful too!


What do you think?
This experience will definitely be one I remember forever. Please try visiting here for yourself too!

Basic information on Soni Kogen

Taroji, Soni-mura, Uda-gun, Nara
Soni Village Town Hall’s Website