Japan’s Second-Largest Amusement Park! Nagashima Spa Land

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Nagashima Spa Land has some of the world’s largest rollercoasters as well as attractions that small children can enjoy. It also features a popular jumbo pool during the summer!
Second only to Tokyo Disneyland, Nagashima Spa Land is Japan’s second-largest amusement park.
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Thrilling Attractions

Nagashima Spa Land has plenty of thrilling rollercoasters.
Their lineup includes the 97-meter-tall, 2,479-meter-long “Steel Dragon 2000,” the laying-down coaster “Flying Coaster Acrobat,” the wooden rollercoaster “White Cyclone,” and many more.
The park also features other attractions like a giant Ferris wheel and a haunted house, so even people who don’t enjoy rollercoasters can have their share of fun!

A jumbo-sized pool is also available every year during the summer!

Children Can Enjoy “Kids Town”

The park’s children’s area, Kids Town, has 28 kid-friendly attractions, including low-rise coasters, spinning teacups, and a cute ladybug ride!
There is also the “Children’s Plaza,” where children ages 1 through 5 can play on 50 different features, such as slides and jungle gyms.
Toilets and private areas for breastfeeding are also available in the park.

Basic information on Japan’s Second-Largest Amusement Park! Nagashima Spa Land

Japan’s Second-Largest Amusement Park! Nagashima Spa Land

333 Nagashimachourayasu, Kuwana City, Mie
20 minutes by bus from Kuwana Station (east exit), or 50 minutes by bus from the Nagoya Meitetsu Bus Center
Hours vary by day. See homepage for details.
No scheduled holidays. See homepage for details.
Admission+Unlimited Rides
Adults 4500 yen. Elementary school students 3400 yen. Children over 2 years 2100 yen. Adults over 60 years 2600 yen. ※Prices are subject to change. See homepage for details.