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Nagashima Spa Land

Let's ride the wood/steel hybrid coaster "HAKUGEI" and other thrilling attractions, and play in the pools!

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This is one of the largest amusement parks in Japan, with some of the most thrilling attractions. The most popular attraction is the world-class hybrid coaster, "HAKUGEI" (meaning white whale). From the top of its 55-meter height, the coaster runs at an angle of 80 degrees with a maximum speed of 107 kilometers per hour. The thrill feels just like a ferocious white whale crossing through the rough sea!

Other superb rides that will fascinate the extreme ride lovers include the 4D spin coaster "ARASHI", which gives you a dreamy weightless experience, and the coaster "Steel Dragon 2000" certified by Guinness World Records.

And don’t miss the gigantic pool that is popular every summer! There is one of the world's largest super-sized cluster of water attractions, "JAPAAAAN," the intricately intertwined "Tornado Slider," the thrilling "Super Torrential Pool" where you can ride over huge waves, and the "Surfing Pool'' where the waves crash like the ocean. With all of these, the place is so big to enjoy around in just one day.


  • 60 different attractions! One of the largest amusement parks in Japan.
  • The world's best hybrid coaster, “HAKUGEI”.
  • Unpredictable 4D spin coaster "ARASHI".
  • ”Steel Dragon 2000”, the world's No. 1 coaster certified by Guinness World Records.
  • The world's largest super-sized water attraction "JAPAAAAN" and a wide variety of other large-scale pools.


  • Hybrid Coaster "HAKUGEI"

    Hybrid Coaster "HAKUGEI"

  • Unpredictable! 4D spin coaster "ARASHI"

    Unpredictable! 4D spin coaster "ARASHI"

  • World-class super coaster "Steel Dragon 2000"

    World-class super coaster "Steel Dragon 2000"

  • Super-sized Cluster of Water Attractions "JAPAAAAN"

    Super-sized Cluster of Water Attractions "JAPAAAAN"

  • The intricate "Tornado Slider"

    The intricate "Tornado Slider"

  • The Splashing Water! "Super Torrential pool"

    The Splashing Water! "Super Torrential pool"


  • 陳鈺潔

    這座樂園裡有10款 各式各樣 大小不一的雲霄飛車遊樂設施 ,非常刺激且好玩。

  • 劉方怡


  • CHU-CHEN99



Name in Japanese
Postal Code
333 Nagashimaco Urayasu, Kuwana City, Mie
0594-45-1111 (Main number)
Price (tax included)
<Nagashima Spa Land Passport (admission + unlimited rides) > Adult 5,800 yen, primary school student 4,400 yen, infant (2 years and older) 2,700 yen, senior (65 years and older) 2,900 yen
<Entrance tickets to Nagashima Spa Land: Adults 1,600 yen, primary school students 1,000 yen, infants (2 years and older) 500 yen
※Discounts available after 3:00 p.m.
※If you have already entered the park, you can purchase tickets for the pool and hot springs at a discounted rate.
※Senior tickets are only available for purchase on-site.
Regular Closures
Irregular holidays
※There will be closures for maintenance in January and June.
Opening hours
※Depends on the season and day of the week.
Approximately 50 minutes by direct bus from Nagoya Meitetsu Bus Center to Nagashima Onsen.
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