Green Tea Feature Part 6: 2017 Spring tourist festival in Sensouji in Tokyo

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Green tea represents the soul of traditional Japanese culture. It is also enjoyable for the pronounced sweet and bitter tastes that belie its simplicity. And its reported positive effects on both health and beauty make it a very popular souvenir. However, you may well feel somewhat lost when choosing the right green tea product. With that in mind, I have decided to introduce the charms of green tea in all six upcoming issues.

Sensouji is a well known tourist spot in Asakusa Tokyo. Every Spring and Autumn the famous Japanese tea company Ito en hosts an educational event on Japanese tea and tea culture. Ito en is well known for its product “Oi Ocha”. At the event you can drink tea and have a rest at the tea house or buy souvenirs to take home. Every year many tourists come to join the festivities. Ito en also hosts a seminar about “how to pour tasty tea”. There, visitors from outside Japan can enjoy learning about tea.

Since this is the final article featuring green tea, I would like to conclude the article by introducing the “2017 spring tourist festival”.

Hospitality through Green tea

There is a tea house where you can buy teas as gifts. Specialists will pour you a cup of the popular instant green tea “Oi ocha powdered green tea” for free. Free tea tasting is from 10:00-16:30. Be sure to get there early.

spot event ① tea work shop

This work shop will be held on April 8th, 22nd and on May 6th.
A tea taster will instruct participants on how to pour delicious Japanese tea.
Pour your own tea and taste it following the instructional presentation.

Spot event ② Matcha tea ceremony

A big ceremony is scheduled for April 15th. Ito en’s Sadou (the way of tea) team will entertain you with Matcha. You can also try grinding green tea into Matcha using a stone mill.

Spot event ③ Oi Ocha Spring new tea leaf tasting party

This will be held on April 29th. A tea taster will serve you the most recently harvested tea of 2017. Experience tasting the season through tea.

The tea house will be open until May 8th, 9:00-17:30 everyday.
Are you planning to go to Tokyo? Why not discover Japanese tea this time.

[The location of the event]

Sensouji temple
2-3 Asakusa Taitouku Tokyo