Itoen Powdered Green Tea with Matcha

Powdered green tea made by famous Japanese tea company ITO EN gives you the taste of authentic Japanese tea

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Green Tea

Green tea is the epitome of Japanese tea. While refreshing, it is also loved for its notable sweetness and bitterness. What's more, green tea is considered to be good for beauty and health.
To provide a means to casually savor Japanese tea, Japanese tea company "ITO EN" has produced its powdered green tea product " Itoen Powdered Green Tea with Matcha."
Its special characteristic is that it quickly dissolves not only in hot water but even in cold water. It is made from 100% Japanese tea leaves, allowing you to delight in the profound flavor and natural green color of the tea. Enticing especially for its consistently delicious flavor whether hot or cold, it is a highly popular souvenir.


  • Produced by "ITO EN," Japan's famous tea company.
  • Dissolves quickly in hot or cold water, allowing you to delight in its profound flavor.
  • Made with 100% Japanese tea leaves.



  • Itoen Powdered Green Tea with Matcha
  • Natural green color and profound flavor
  • Delicious even when cold
  • Japan's No.1 tea product brand "Oi Ocha"


  • 陳至豪


  • 陳品頤


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40 grams(About 50 cups)
Designated unit price
500 yen (tax excluded)
Sold at
Supermarkets, convenience stores
Official Website
Official Website (English)