Osaka’s Largest-Scale Capsule Hotel, “AMZA”

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AMZA is an enormous capsule hotel located in the heart of Namba, part of downtown Osaka. It’s said that this hotel’s bathing facilities are so amazing that they have water from natural hot springs brought in by tanker trucks. Guests can enjoy 3 different types of saunas, as well as outdoor baths, a running water pool for underwater walking, and other bath types.

※This is a men-only facility. Tattooed individuals may not enter.

The outside of the building looks different depending on the angle you view it from.

Commercial for “AZMA”

The entrance is on the building’s 7th floor.
The 4th floor and below is owned by a different business.


Capsule room prices start from 3,200 yen.
A pleasant breeze comes in through the ventilation hole, which gives the room a comfortable feel.
On the downside, there is no earphone jack.

Inside a Capsule (Lower Right of Image is Ventilation)
Inside a Capsule (Lower Right of Image is Ventilation)

Unless you choose the pleasant sleep capsule plan (from 3,400 yen), at which point you can use headphones! The bedding is also upgraded with this plan!

Razors and towels and toothbrushes are also available for free.

Free Toothbrushes
Free Toothbrushes

All seats are electric recliners, and the room comes equipped with LCD TVs!

Relaxation Room, Manga
Relaxation Room, Manga

There are computers that are free to use on the 5th and 9th floors.
Wi-Fi is also available on the 5th floor, 7th floor, and all capsule floors.

Breakroom, Desks
Breakroom, Desks

The 5th floor’s dining hall offers guests hot coffee for free. Additionally, during the summer guests can also enjoy cold barley tea.

5th Floor Dining Hall
5th Floor Dining Hall

Basic information on「AMZA」

AMZA 1000 Sennicimae Chuo Building 7F, 2-9-17 Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
About 10 minutes on foot heading east from JR Namba Station
Check-in: 12:00
Room Price
From 3,200 yen
Credit Cards