A Fall Foliage Viewing Spot in Hokkaido: Fukuhara under Clear Blue Sky, a Private Garden Open to the Public Only in the Season for Viewing Fall Foliage

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In Hokkaido’s Tokachi, there is one scenic maple viewing spot that is known to a few people, which covers a large area of about 85,000 m2 and where more than 5000 maple trees are planted. It is Fukuhara Mountain Villa, which is affectionately nicknamed the “beautiful fall colors of Tokachi in Hokkaido” by the locals.

A Private Garden of Mr. Jihei Fukuhara

Fukuhara Mountain Villa was a private garden of Mr. Jihei Fukuhara, who was an entrepreneur that ran food supermarkets in eastern Hokkaido (Tokachi, Kushiro and Nemuro). As his first supermarket was established at Shikaoi, he had a special affection for that place, and thus chose to build this vast and charming estate there.

Enchanting Fall Colors of Fukuhara Mountain Villa

Mr. Fukuhara had a gratitude towards the locals and so specially had the garden open to them when leaves were changing color in fall, thus all the locals could enjoy the beauty of the fall foliage for free.

A pond in Fukuhara Mountain Villa
A pond in Fukuhara Mountain Villa
Fall foliage reflected in the pond
Fall foliage reflected in the pond

Besides a large pond and a small fall, the garden has an about 1 km long walkway especially built for those coming to view maple leaves.
In the fall, the garden under the clear blue sky is neither crowded nor noisy, and all visitors are appreciating the natural beauty. What ravishing red leaves in fall!

Strolling on the red foliage path in Fukuhara Mountain Villa
Strolling on the red foliage path in Fukuhara Mountain Villa

The appeal of the fall foliage gets enhanced day by day, and the whole villa seems to be fully covered by fallen leaves in mid-October, which rendered the villa more and more enchanting.

Fallen leaves in Fukuhara Mountain Villa
Fallen leaves in Fukuhara Mountain Villa

There is a museum about 20-minute ride away from the villa, and it is Fukuhara Memorial Museum, which exhibits many of Mr. Fukuhara’s art collections and where you can pay a visit on your return from the villa.

Video on the Fall Foliage in Fukuhara Mountain Villa

Basic information on Fukuhara Mountain Villa

Best time to view fall foliage
Mid-September to mid-October
Kitaurimaku, Shikaoi, Kato District, Hokkaido
September 14, 2019 to October 20, 2019
Opening hours
Not closed during the season for viewing fall foliage
About 40-minute ride by a rented car from Shintoku Station of JR Hokkaido’s Nemuro Main Line
Official website (in Japanese)