Royce Potato Chip Chocolate, the Perfect Souvenir from Hokkaido!

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Written by Chigusa

Royce chocolate is already famous as a typical souvenir from Hokkaido, but this article will introduce their Potato Chip Chocolate!
When it was first put on the market, many people doubted this product, saying, "There's no way potatoes and chocolate can go together!" However, its delicious taste has earned Royce Potato Chocolate repeat customers, one after another! It's now as popular as Royce's signature Nama Chocolate!

Four flavors are offered: Original, Caramel, Fromage Blanc (white cheese) and Mild Bitter.

There's more chocolate than I imagined!

Raw potatoes are wave-cut and fried.
They are thicker than regular potato chips but not as salty.
Then one side is completely covered in mild chocolate!
Now I see why the potatoes are wave-cut: to catch more chocolate!

Their sweet and salty harmony is so delicious!
With their nice and crispy texture, I can't stop eating them!
Do you still doubt how good they taste? Then you've got to try them!

Royce Potato Chip Chocolate

190g 778 yen (tax incl)
Shelf Life
1 month


Birth place: Yamanashi Prefecture