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Kirin iMUSE Immune Care Water

Sugar-free, zero-calorie water infused with plasma probiotics.

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"iMUSE" is the brainchild of Kirin and 35 years of research.

iMUSE contains 100 billion units of Kirin Group’s formulated signature ingredient, liquid “plasma” probiotics. It's sugar-free and calorie-free, so it's not sweet, meaning you can keep drinking it every day just like mineral water.

With a flavor that can be enjoyed anytime, for daily hydration or during sports, its packaging design impressively features the mythical creature "Kirin," expressing the transparency of water.

  • Label: This product contains plasma probiotics (L. lactis strain Plasma), which has been reported to interact with pDC (plasmacytoid dendritic cells), contributing to the maintenance of immune function in healthy individuals.
  • This product is not federally licensed.
  • Balanced diet should include main staples, main dish, and side dishes.
  • This product is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of any disease.


  • Infused with 100 billion units of Kirin Group's unique ingredient "plasma” probiotics.
  • Sugar-free, zero-calorie, easy-to-drink flavor.
  • Recommended for those who are concerned about their health.


  • Supporting our customer’s overall health with "immune care" products

    Supporting our customer’s overall health with "immune care" products

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Product name in Japanese
キリン iMUSE 免疫ケアウォーター
Kirin Beverage Company,Limited
supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.
Product Volume
Suggested retail price
163 yen (excluding tax)
※Prices may vary by shop.
Shelf life
9 months
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)