Orbis “Nutrition Piece”

A Tablet that Supplies the Nutrients Necessary for Beauty


This tablet series is for the hard-working modern woman.
It focuses on the 6 necessary nutrients for beauty, starting from the inside out. It is designed to make up for nutrient deficiencies in adult women.
It is delicious and easy to take without water, so you can quickly replenish your nutrients whenever you notice.
The pouch type is compact and easy to carry, or easy to just set on a desk or in the kitchen.


  • Easy-to-take tablet to replenish deficient nutrients for the busy modern woman.
  • Delicious and easy to take without water.
  • The tablets come in a compact and easy-to-carry pouch, so you can get smart nutrition between work and housework.


  • Nutrition Piece

    Nutrition Piece


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Product name in Japanese
900 yen each (tax not included)
Product List
6 Types
・Iron and folic acid (strawberry flavor)
・Oligosaccharides and enzymes (green apple flavor)
・Vitamin C and vitamin B2 (lemon and lime flavor)
・Vitamin A and lutein (mango flavor)
・Vitamin B-group and amino acids (red grape flavor)
・Calcium and vitamin D (Muscat flavor)
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