Gogo no Kocha (Afternoon Tea)

An Authentic Black Tea with a Rich Tea Leaf Aroma

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Black Tea

Making its debut in 1986, this tea has been a longtime best-seller. Marketed to widen the appeal of afternoon tea in Japan, it was the first black tea to be sold in plastic PET bottles.
While avoiding unnecessary sweetness, its characteristic flavor is rich in tea leaf aroma. By brewing finely powdered tea leaves with regular tea leaves in Kirin’s unique microbrew method, the full floral aroma of the tea leaves is brought out.
They have a plentiful lineup of flavored teas, including straight, lemon, milk, unsweetened and limited-period flavors.


  • The microbrew method brings out the floral aroma of the tea leaves.
  • Not too sweet, it’s easy to drink.
  • Both hot and iced tea varieties are available.
  • There are also unsweetened, caffeine-free, and flavors sold for a limited period.


  • From the left: Milk Tea, Straight Tea, Lemon Tea

    From the left: Milk Tea, Straight Tea, Lemon Tea

  • Hot tea bottles

    Hot tea bottles


  • 陳至豪


  • Rise


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Kirin Beverage Company,Limited
Available at
supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.
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