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Snow Pea Crisps, Salt Flavor

A snack made with whole snow peas.

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This is a long-selling favorite was first released in 1994, boasting all the delicious flavor of whole snow peas in a delicious snack. Every bite is packed with natural bean ingredients like dietary fiber and protein.

No additional colorings means the color, taste, and lovably bumping shape of each snow pea is still as nature intended. Each snack is sprayed with oil after baking to ensure its status as a non-fried, healthy option. You’re sure to love the adorable snow pea shape.


  • Non-fried snack, packed with the deliciously savory goodness of beans.
  • This 61g product contains the dietary fiber equivalent to about 100 beans.
  • No color additives used, meaning you get to enjoy each snack its delicious true, green flavor.
  • Undeniably cute snow peas in their natural shape.


  • A body-friendly snack made with whole snow peas.

    A body-friendly snack made with whole snow peas.

Official FAQs

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Do you have brochures in foreign languages? (Please also inform us of the languages.)


We apologize, but we do not have brochures in foreign languages.


If there is a defect in the product after opening, can it be returned or exchanged?


We will take care of it and investigate, so please send us the actual product in its package, along with the name and date of the store where you purchased it, to our company at your expense.
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Do you have an overseas-shipping service?


International shipping is not available.


What's the origin of the name "Snow Pea"?


Initially, the product was called "Green Peas". The product at that time was cylindrical, but we improved it to resemble the shape of snow peas, aiming for a more fun and familiar form. To communicate this to our customers, we named the product "Snow Pea". The character featured on the package is named "Snow Pea", just like the product itself.



Product name in Japanese
さやえんどう しお味
Calbee, Inc.
supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.
26g60 yen, 61g 155 yen (tax not included)
*The price may vary depending on the store.
125kcal, 293 kcal
Shelf life
6 months
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Official Website (Japanese)