Kit Kat Mini Yogurt Sake

A Collaboration of Choice “Yogurt Sake” and Kit Kat Chocolate


This is a Kit Kat made with Chonoko (very rich) Jersey Yogurt Sake, sold by Niizawa Brewery in Miyagi Prefecture.
It is the perfect blend of the sweetness of chocolate with the rich body and mild acidity created by the lactic-acid bacilli of yogurt sake.
This flavor was produced by former pro soccer player Hidetoshi Nakata, who is active in spreading the word of Japan’s attractive traditional industries all over the world.
Since difficulties in shipping management make exporting the actual sake impossible, Kit Kat is the way that yogurt sake can be tasted around the world.


  • This item is a collaboration between Yogurt Sake and Kit Kat.
  • Savor the flavor of yogurt sake made from the milk of precious Jersey cows.
  • Replete with elegance, the package design reflects the high caliber of its flavoring.
  • Since yogurt sake (0.5 % alcohol content) is used as a flavoring, please refrain from giving it to children or those who cannot handle alcohol.



  • The Package

    The Package

  • The Wrapping

    The Wrapping

  • Kit Kat Mini Yogurt Sake

    Kit Kat Mini Yogurt Sake

  • Mr. Hidetoshi Nakata, in front of Niizawa Sake Brewery

    Mr. Hidetoshi Nakata, in front of Niizawa Sake Brewery


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Product name in Japanese
キットカット ミニ ヨーグルト酒
Nestle Japan Limited
Volume / Price
9pcs 700 yen (excl. tax)
Souvenir shops, Kit Kat gift shop (inside Rinku Premium Outlets)
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)