Enbun Charge Tablets

When you feel a sweat coming on, fight heat stroke with this tasty chewable!


A chewable tablet that aids in boosting electrolytes lost while you sweat.
It tastes great and melts in your mouth to quickly deliver sodium, potassium, and citric acid to the body.
It’s a perfect companion to help you fight heatstroke during hot days or while playing sports.
Currently available in two flavors, Salty Lemon and Sports Drink.


  • A delicious way to replenish electrolytes lost when you sweat .
  • Restore water and sodium balance quickly by drinking along with 100ml of water.
  • Individually wrapped so you can carry only what you need on hand.
  • Used by the Japan Society of School Health.


  • (Left) Sports Drink flavor (right) Salty Lemon flavor

    (Left) Sports Drink flavor (right) Salty Lemon flavor


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Product name in Japanese
Kabaya Foods Corporation
200 yen (tax not included)
*The price may vary depending on the store.
90g (individually wrapped)
Available at
supermarkets, etc.
Official Website
Official Website (English)