Non-Sugar Sakan Series

Non-sugar but sweet and rich in taste! A hard candy that is recommended by registered dietitians.

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“Non-Sugar Sakan” is a candy series that has no sugar or artificial sweeteners. It comes in four flavors, Coffee, Kocha (Tea), Matcha and Milk.
Natural tastefulness is achieved without the use of artificial sweeteners. It derives its sweetness from “reduced starch syrup” acquired from the use of unique technology. One or two pieces are enough to satisfy, with its sweet and rich taste.
It is recommended as a snack between meals by many registered dietitians. (※ According to manufacturer survey)


  • Coffee Sakan: Uses espresso coffee. Two flavors included, espresso and cappuccino.
  • Kocha Sakan: Uses Darjeeling tea. Two flavors included, straight darjeeling tea and royal milk tea.
  • Matcha Sakan: Uses Matcha from Uji, Kyoto Morihan. Two flavors included, Uji matcha and matcha milk.
  • Milk Sakan: Uses heavy cream from Hokkaido. Two flavors included, milk and caramel milk.


  • No sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  • A sweet rich flavor.
  • Recommended by dietitians.
  • Individually wrapped.


  • Coffee, Kocha (Tea), Matcha, Milk

    Coffee, Kocha (Tea), Matcha, Milk


  • 李郁杰


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Kanro Inc.
180yen (excl. tax)
※Prices may vary by shop.
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supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.
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