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Yoshima Parking Area

A highway rest stop with a spectacular view of the Seto Inland Sea and the impressive Great Seto Bridge.

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The Yoshima Parking Area is located in the middle of the oversea section of the Seto-Chuo Expressway. From the area, you can enjoy a truly splendid view of the Great Seto Bridge, which connects Honshu and Shikoku islands. The area contains a large food court with varied and interesting souvenir kiosks, and a terrific noodle shop Kakehashi-yume-udon which serves Kagawa prefecture’s specialty noodle, Sanuki Udon; served with various delicious tempura toppings. From the observation deck on the rooftop, there is an expansive and beautiful view of the islands in the Seto Inland Sea, amplified by the graceful passing of ships across the calm waters.

In the area, there are many other interesting spots as well, such as the second observation deck where you can look up at the magnificent Great Seto Bridge, relaxing a while open fields with sprawling lawns, and visiting a giant sundial. You can definitely spend some fun extra time in this expansive parking area.


  • Two different observation decks with great views.
  • an array of special delicacies and souvenirs from Shikoku island.
  • a tree resembling a snake!


  • Close-up view of the Great Seto Bridge

    Close-up view of the Great Seto Bridge

  • Overview of the Yoshima Parking Area

    Overview of the Yoshima Parking Area

  • Overview of the Yoshima Parking Area

    Overview of the Yoshima Parking Area

  • Kakehashi-Yume-Udon noodle shop

    Kakehashi-Yume-Udon noodle shop

  • Shima Udon (Island Udon)

    Shima Udon (Island Udon)

  • A spectacular sunset

    A spectacular sunset

  • Udon noodle product booth

    Udon noodle product booth

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Can you provide services in foreign languages? (If so, please also inform us of the supported languages)


There are pocketalk audio translators at the shop or information area.


Is free Wi-Fi available in the area?


FreeSpot Wi-Fi is available


Can I bring a pet?


Pets are not permitted inside.



Name in Japanese
Postal Code
587 Nishikata Yoshimacho, Sakaide City, Kagawa
Open hours
food court and shops 8 am – 9 pm on weekdays and 7:30 am-9:30 pm on weekends and holidays
Udon noodle shop: 10 am- 4 pm on weekdays and 10 am – 5pm on weekends and holidays
Please note that the opening hours may be changed without prior notice.
Entrance fee
10 minutes from Sakade interchange or 10 min from Kojima interchange by car on the Seto-Chuo Expressway.
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)