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Konosu Doll Festival
(Konosu Surprising Hina Festival)

Japan's tallest pyramid platform decorated with hina dolls.

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Konosu City has been famous for its hina dolls since the Edo period. In particular, the beauty of the kimono dressing is the best in the Kanto region, and it is said that craftsmen from Edo (now Tokyo) came here to train themselves. The "Konosu Bikkuri Hinamatsuri" is held in order to let as many people as possible see the hina dolls that Konosu City is so well known for. (Hinamatsuri is an annual seasonal event in Japan to pray for the sound growth of girls in the family. During the event, people display a set of dolls called "Hina-ningyo.")

Every year from the end of February to the beginning of March, a huge pyramid appears on the atrium floor of the shopping mall "Elumi Konosu". It is 7 meters high and has 31 layers. Nearly 1,800 hina dolls are displayed there. Because of its size, it is the largest pyramid decorated with hina dolls in Japan.

After looking up from the first floor, you should definitely try looking down from the second floor. The sight of the countless dolls spread out on the bright red rug is breathtaking. The name of the festival says "Surprise", but you will feel more than that. It is also recommended that you get close to the dolls and enjoy the different expressions and patterns of the kimonos.

There are also several other satellite venues, which can be visited by a free circulating bus from "Elumi Konosu" during the exhibition period.


  • About 1,800 dolls are lined up in a 7-meter high pyramid.
  • You can enjoy the different expressions of each doll.
  • The venue is directly connected to Konosu Station.
  • A free shuttle bus will take you to the other venues.


  • A 7-meter-high pyramid of hina dolls

    A 7-meter-high pyramid of hina dolls

  • The pyramid is made up of about 1,800 hina dolls.

    The pyramid is made up of about 1,800 hina dolls.

  • Free shuttle bus service is offered outside the main venue.

    Free shuttle bus service is offered outside the main venue.



Name in Japanese
Postal Code
1-1-2 Honcho, Konosu City, Saitama
048-540-3333 (Konosu City Tourism Association)
Event Dates
Mid-February to early March
Directly connected to the east exit of Konosu Station on the JR Takasaki Line