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Oigawa Railway

Take a retro trip on the SL train! Check out "Thomas the Train" too!

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Steam locomotives (SLs) are primarily used for towing train cars. On the Oigawa Railway Ikawa Line, Japan’s one and only Abt train can still be found pulling trains up and down the area’s steep slopes. It is very popular not only among railroad fans but also among women and children.

You can board the SL train from Shin-Kanaya Station. The old-fashioned carriages, built in the days of the former Japanese National Railways and equipped with incandescent lamps and fans on the ceiling, will stir your travel emotions. Inside the train, the managing conductor will guide you through the scenery and the train line.

Disembark from the SL at Senzu Station and transfer to a train that heads through the valley of Okuoi. At the Abt Ichishiro station on the way, an Abt electric locomotive is coupled to the train, while the cogwheels of the train are aligned with the special, teeth-like rails, to help it climb the steepest incline in Japan. You will never get tired of seeing the unexplored parts of the line, such as Okuoi Kojo Station, where part of the platform juts out over the lake, and Sekinosawa Bridge, the tallest railroad bridge in Japan.

Since 2014, "Thomas the Train", a popular train for children all over the world, has been running from summer to autumn. The voice of Thomas will guide you through the highlights of the train, so don't miss it!


  • You can ride the SL train many times a year.
  • You can enjoy the retro atmosphere of the carriages.
  • You can ride the only Abt train in Japan and see the locomotive coupling.
  • The scenery of the Southern Alps and Okuoi from the train windows is fantastic.
  • There is also a chance to ride Thomas the Train!


  • The Ikawa Line running through the great nature.

    The Ikawa Line running through the great nature.

  • The best way to enjoy the rich nature of the railroad is to ride on an Abt train.

    The best way to enjoy the rich nature of the railroad is to ride on an Abt train.

  • Running through a ravine

    Running through a ravine

  • The SL train is something you must ride at least once.

    The SL train is something you must ride at least once.


  • 文燕


  • 陳建韋



Name in Japanese
Postal Code
2-1112 Kanayaazuma, Shimada City, Shizuoka (SL Center, Sales Department)
Open every day
SL train: one round trip per day (check the official website for the Days Out of Service)
Kawaneji No.1: Departing from Shin-Kanaya at 11:52am - Arriving at Senzu at 1:09pm
Kawaneji No.2: Departing from Senzu at 2:55pm - Arriving at Shin-Kanaya at 4:11pm
Thomas the Train operated mainly on weekends until September 27, 2021, but also during the year-end and New Year holidays (2021 to 2022) * Information as of July 2021
*You cannot get off at a stop along the way.
Express fare for the SL train is 820 yen for adults and 410 yen for elementary school students, in addition to the basic fare.
*Reservation is required for Thomas the Train. Please check the details on the official website.
To get to Shin-Kanaya Station, the starting point for the SL ride, take the Oigawa Railway from Kanaya Station on the JR Tokaido Main Line for about 4 minutes.
Credit card
Available at SL Center and Senzu station
Official Website
Official Website (English)