To enjoy a night horse racing even for a date, head to Oi Keibajo Mae! 【cooperated by Tokyo Monorail _ Oi Keibajo Mae】

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Tokyo Monorail connects the city center to Haneda Airport, the front door to the sky above Tokyo. It takes a minimum of 14 minutes to travel from Haneda Airport International Terminal Station to Hamamatsucho Station, the end of the line. From Hamamatsucho Station, it's natural to head to such sightseeing spots as Shibuya and Shinjuku via the Yamanote Line.

However, there are many stations reachable via Tokyo Monorail where it is enjoyable to get off the train and take a walk. This article is part of a series featuring the charming areas near stations serving Tokyo Monorail. The series is being created in collaboration with Tokyo Monorail. This time we will focus on Oi Keibajo Mae.

▼ Oi Keibajo (Ohi Racecourse) is right in front of Oi Keibajo Mae Station.

As its name implies (Mae means “nearby” or “in front”), Ohi Racecourse is located nearby the station. Some people may have an impression that horse racing is gambling, however, the Ohi Racecourse is different to those you know. In 1986, the Japan’s first night horse race was held at the track. Named as the “Twinkle Race”, the event has now widely attracted visitors including those, who were never interested in horse racing, as well as young people, with the beautiful appearance of horses shinning under the lights, the great atmosphere of the track, and a variety of restaurants within the building that was never seen in the past horse racing. The track is also good for couples to visit for their date, which might be difficult at other horse racing tracks. The Twinkle Race is held between March and December.

【Ohi Racecourse】
Adderss:2-1-2, Katsushima, Shinagawa-ku
Open:Very by the date
Closed:None scheduled
Admission:Entrance fee ¥100 (Additional fees are required for reserved seats)

In addition to that, Ohi Racecourse holds an Open Air Market at the Parking #1. With approx. 600 stalls, the popular market is said to have everything you need. The Japan Booth, at which Japanese cultural items are being sold, is seen there regularly. The market is open on most of weekends. We hope you enjoy a different type of shopping style.

Venue of the Open Air Market at Ohi Racecourse】
Adderss:2-1-2, Katsushima, Shinagawa-ku

Well, use the Tokyo Monorail to get out and enjoy Tokyo!