Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park

A Nature Park to Enjoy Bird-Watching


Created on land reclaimed from Tokyo Bay, this park covers an area of about 25,000 square meters.
This park contains a variety of environments, such as salt and freshwater ponds and creeks connected to incoming ocean tides, as well as forests. Every year, about 120 species of wild birds can be observed here.
There are numerous observation huts in the park ground, where the birds can be seen up close. Besides wild birds, you can also see creatures and insects along the water.
From the large window in the observation lobby of the Nature Center, a variety of birds can be seen. Telescopes are set up to watch them on the pond as the tide comes in.
On the grass, enjoy observing nature while eating a boxed lunch or just relaxing.


  • There are a number of observation huts for watching waterfowl or mountain birds.
  • The nature center lends out telescopes or binoculars for that can be used for free.
  • While there are vending machines for bread, snacks and drinks, there are no shops, so bringing your own food and drink is recommended.


  • A tidal pond

    A tidal pond

  • Grey heron

    Grey heron

  • The lawn

    The lawn

  • An observation hut

    An observation hut

  • A signboard

    A signboard

  • Low tide

    Low tide


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Name in Japanese
Postal Code
3-1 Tokai, Ota-ku, Tokyo
300 yen for Adults (High School and older); 150 yen for Seniors (65 and older) or Junior High Students; FREE for Elementary School Students and younger
Every Monday (When national holidays fall on Mondays or on Citizen’s Day (10/1), it closes on Tuesday); the New Year Holidays
Feb. through Oct.: 9 am to 5 pm; Nov. through Jan.: 9 am to 4:30 pm
NOTE* Admission to the park ends 30 minutes before closing time
About 15 minutes on foot from Ryutsu Center station on the Tokyo Monorail
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)