Would you like toothpastes for souvenirs from your trip to Japan?

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For those who are looking for daily use items for souvenirs from your trip to Japan. Are you interested in buying toothpastes?

There are some reasons why we recommend you toothpastes as souvenirs. Japanese people love brushing teeth. Not to mention after breakfast and dinner, quite a few people brush their teeth even after lunch at their work. Many of them carry a tooth brush set in their bag. A lot of Japanese are serious in taking care of their oral health as some of them are longing for the white teeth, conscious about bad breath, worried about dental caries, and so on. By the way, it is said that there are approx. 50,000 convenience stores in Japan, but the number of dental clinics are approx. 70,000 – more than that of convenience stores.

It may have just proved how much Japanese people care about their teeth. Drug stores have a variety of dental care goods. Try the series of the Shumitect(R) products if you are not sure about which one to buy. Shumitect(R) is a brand for toothpastes and toothbrushes sold by GlaxoSmithKline for those with hypersensitivity (an oral condition in which a person have toothache when drinking or eating something cold or a temporarily have toothache even they have no dental caries). It has achieved the No. 1 sales in the category of toothpaste brands for hypersensitivity (*1).
*1 Total sales profit share of Shumitect series between May, 2014 to April, 2015 according to INTAGE SRI data for the toothpaste market for the treatment of dental hypersensitivity.

This article has selected some of the recommendations from the series.

Shumitect(R) Complete One EX (Quasi drug)

Shumitect(R) Complete One EX is a medicinal toothpaste with seven effects; 1) the prevention of dental hypersensitivity, 2) prevention of gum disease2, 3) teeth whitening3, 4) prevention of dental caries, 5) prevention of bad breath, 6) cleanness of a mouth, and 7) prevention of dental deposition*3. The product is effective for many symptoms so this is one of the best recommendations if you are not sure which one to buy.
*2 consist of prevention of gingivitis and periodontitis
*3 By brushing

Shumitect(R) Gum Disease Care (Quasi drug)

It prevents toothache from hypersensitivity as well as dental caries and gum diseases.

Shumitect(R) Gently Whitening (Quasi drug)

The toothpaste gently removes stains on your teeth while preventing toothache from hypersensitivity.

Shumitect(R) Daily Care + (Quasi drug)

It prevents toothache from hypersensitivity as well as dental caries.

Shumitect(R) Tooth Decay Care + Refreshing Wash (Quasi drug)

The product gives you a fresh feeling as it removes an annoying sticky texture inside the mouth while preventing toothache from hypersensitivity.

Also, the Shumitect brand also offers a toothbrush for hypersensitivity called “Shumitect Complete One Ex Toothbrush”, which has a high effect ratio for removing plaque. It is an idea to purchase it along with the toothpastes.

Let us also introduce you Kamutect, toothpaste of a different brand that is being sold only in Japan. Kamutect has been developed for the prevention of periodontitis. The main cause of periodontitis, with which you might lose your teeth if it develops further, is plaque. Kamutect removes the plaque certainly and maintain healthy teeth by preventing gingivitis and periodontitis with bactericidal and antimicrobial actions.

Kamutect(R) Medicinal Toothpaste (Quasi drug)

The unique Extra Fine Powder function helps the removal of plaque and the prevention of gingivitis and pyorrhea.

Kamutect(R) Whitening Medicinal Toothpaste (Quasi drug)

Moreover, the product also contains a tooth whitening effect.

Because we use a toothpaste everyday, people will definitely be happy with a souvenir of toothpastes. Why don’t you think about adding it to your souvenir list! (Toothpastes can be found at drug stores in Japan).