This is a very popular shopping complex in Japan with the logo of “OIOI”!

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To anyone who has travelled to Japan, have you remembered a building with the sign of “OIOI”, which has circles and vertical lines?

This is pronounced as “MARUI”, and the business complex is operated by Marui Group Co., Ltd. Since the established in 1931, Marui Group has developed retailing and card businesses as its core. With a big support from a wide range of different age groups, it has become a major business group now with 27 stores within Japan. This article introduces stores recommended by Namba Marui (Osaka) and Kyoto Marui (Kyoto).

Stores recommended by Namba Marui

【5F: Men’s bag shop】
The store has bags and small items that match various purposes from business to casual situations, which include PORTER, a representative brand of YOSHIDA BAG, a company established in 1935 that focuses on producing products that are “made-in-Japan”. Especially, a bag in an original design (the image is shown below. PORTER Voice ¥20,520), which has been co-developed by YOSHIDA BAG and Marui, is recommended! It is very easy to use as it has a lot of storage!

* The store is also located on the 5th floor of Kyoto Marui.

With White, Black and Beige as its basic colors, the store offers a simply yet sharp style. It also has a range of small items and accessories.

【4F: mercibeaucoup,】
With a concept of being “clean, joyful and beautiful”, this popular female ladies brand develops mature-casual styles. It has a range of clothing that is popular, playful and neat.

【Namba Marui】

Address:3-8-9, Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
Open:11:00-20:30 (Sun. & Hol.: -20:00)
Closed:None Scheduled

Stores recommended by Kyoto Marui

【6F: Watch sales shop】
From popular luxury watches to casual ones that match your fashion, and to your dream import watches, there is a wide range of lineups of watches. The most attractive item is the latest model of G-SHOCK with a GPS hybrid electronic wave system, which can obtain time information anywhere in the world. (The image is shown below. G-SHOCK GWP-1000-IAJF (incl. tax) ¥108,000)

You can find skin care items that are gentle to your skin here! The popular cleansing oil is highly regarded as it easily agrees to your skin and removes makeup steadily. (The image is shown below. Mild Cleansing Oil (incl. tax) ¥1,836)

【Kyoto Marui】

Address:68, Shincho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City
Open:10:30-20:30 (B1F Seijo Ishii & Kobeya: 8:00-22:00, Pastel: 10:30-22:00)
Closed:None Scheduled

To people from the eastern Asian countries, we want you to remember there are a variety of discounts available with different cards (please refer to the images below).

Moreover, the business complexes of Marui including the above mentioned two offer a free Wi-Fi service to overseas tourists. On the Wi-Fi setting mode on your smartphone or tablets, you can find the list of access points available. Chose “OIOI_marui_Free_Wi-Fi” to obtain the free Wi-Fi service. The registration of your email address is required. Each time, you can use the Wi-Fi service for 30 minutes each time, allowing you to access up to five times a day.

Enjoy shopping at Marui when you visit Osaka and Kyoto!