Introducing routes for enjoying a World Heritage site and atmospheric streetscapes from a rental car! (Part 2 of two-part series introducing Kanazawa―Shirakawa-go―Hida-Takayama)

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This article is the second part of a two-part series introducing model itineraries for having a great time sightseeing by bus and rental car from Kanazawa Station. In the first part we traveled by bus from Kanazawa Station to the Higashi chaya district and back.

Now you've toured Kanazawa's important spots, so next let's relocate to the World Heritage site Shirakawa-go by rental car. JR Kanazawa Station Rent-a-car is located at Kanazawa Station, so we may as well use it. It's convenient because you can return the rental car at the major station at your destination. You can also enjoy superb views from your car while traveling.

【Other Kanazawa Station area car rental options】

①Shirakawa-go gassho-zukuri village
<Approx. 75 minutes by rental car from Kanazawa Station>
Shirakawa-go retains Japan’s archetypal scenery. This village with lovely houses of triangular roofs is Japan’s World Heritage sites. Some are open to the public. Make sure to visit the Shiroyama Observatory for a view of the village.

②Takayama Festival yatai floats exhibition hall
<Approx. 50 minutes from Shirakawa-go>
Real Yatai Floats used for the autumn festival are displayed in this museum. The Yatai decoration that is passed down as tradition and made through the collective work of artisans is a must see.

Address:178 Sakuramachi, Takayama City, Gifu
Business hours:9:00-16:30
Fee:¥820 (Adult)
Closed:Open 365days

③Historical townscape (Sanmachi-dori street)
<Approx. 10 minutes by rental car from Takayama Festival yatai floats exhibition hall>
Old townscape retaining the look of the castle town from the Edo period. Irrigation water flows under the eaves with the wood trellises that stretch in rows, and to this day, old shops stand side by side.

After having all this fun, you may want to return your rental car to the rent-a-car shop at Matsumoto Station and rest or you may want to drive on to the next sightseeing location, such as Matsumoto in Nagano Prefecture. Enjoy travel in Japan to your heart's content!