The biggest shopping mall in Japan, 「AEON Lake Town」! Just 1 hour from Tokyo!

6 Mar 2016
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No matter what it is you have in mind to take home from Japan, you name it, they have it all here in AEON Lake Town! From typical Japanese souvenirs to stylish fashion items, even electronic appliances and outlet products.
You wouldn’t believe that there are a total of 720 stores at this shopping mall, it`s definitely one of the biggest shopping malls in Japan!

AEON Lake Town consists of three main buildings: 「Lake Town OUTLET」, 「Mori」, and 「Kaze」.The 「Lake Town OUTLET」 building is an outlet section where you can buy high quality, made in Japan products at reasonable prices. You can also find luxury brand items at affordable prices! The 「Mori 」building has the flagship AEON store at it`s centre. Around this store are a number of zones. A beauty zone, an Auto mall zone, and the New family zone with “modern living” as it`s theme. The theme of the 「Kaze」 building is “Sophisticated”. It contains about 200 of the newest apparel shops, restaurants, and cafes.

In this article, we will recommend a few shops. First, from the Lake Town OUTLET, we recommend you visit the watch shop 「TISSOT」. TISSOT is a long-established watch maker from Switzerland, the country famous for great watch making. Being TISSOT`s outlet shop, they have a great range of watches. All watches are DUTY FREE as well, so it’s a perfect shop to find a gift or that once in a lifetime watch for yourself!

From the 「Mori」 building, we recommend 「HOKKAIDO RAMEN SANTOUKA」. They mix 3 different broths taken from pork bones, vegetables, and dried fish. The broths are boiled separately at the perfect temperature for each ingredient to create a superb tasting soup. When you experience the richness of taste and aroma you will have no doubt why this shop is so popular. The noodles they use are a medium thin noodle, which has an appetising aroma and excellent flavour. It matches nicely with the soup. Please try the exquisite taste of one of the best bowls of ramen in Japan.

From the 「Kaze」building we recommend 「Komeraku」. Komeraku is a Washoku (traditional Japanese food) restaurant. They serve 「Ochazuke」 which is a very unique Japanese dish. It starts as the dish 「Dashi-chazuke」, which you first enjoy as a Seafood rice-bowl, then halfway through, you pour the broth into the bowl to make Ochazuke. This dish allows you to enjoy two dishes in one bowl, good deal isn’t it? In between shopping, why don’t you enjoy the traditional WA(Japanese) taste, in a casual setting?

Not only does 「AEON Lake Town」 offer a wide range of specialty shops, but it also has the 「AEON STYLE」 section in the Mori building. Here they offer various daily necessaries of their own AEON brand, at reasonable prices. You can find a wide selection of fresh food, cosmetics, medical supplies and so on. This is the best place to pick up your souvenirs.

Outlet malls are often located in hard to reach areas far from the city. But it only takes about one hour from Tokyo station to the closest station to AEON LAKE TOWN outlet (Koshigaya Lake Town station on JR Musashino line). Easy access! You can stay in 「AEON LAKE TOWN」 all day enjoying dining and shopping and still it’s impossible to visit all the fascinating shops in one day! Have fun!

【AEON Lake Town】

Address:4-1-1 lake town ,Koshigaya-shi, Saitama
Business Hours:10:00-20:00
Closed:Open every day
Accepted Cards:American Express/Diners/JCB/Master/Visa/UnionPay