Right by Kansai International Airport! Introducing Kaizuka City – city of many charms.

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Kaizuka City is located within a short distance from Kansai International Airport and it is one of the most renowned areas of southern Osaka. In this article, we will tell you about the city’s landmarks and popular destinations that we recommend you check out.

Access to the city and within the city

To get to Kaizuka City from Kansai International Airport or Nanba station, take Nankai Railway. Later, after you get to the city, you can use Nankai Railway or Mizuma Railway to get around.
【From Kansai International Airport to Kaizuka station】14 minutes by Nankai Railway Airport Express
【From Nanba station to Kaizuka station】29 minutes by Nankai Railway Airport Express

Explore Kaizuka City with Mizuma Railway!
Mizuma Railway is a line that connects Kaizuka station and Mizuma Kannon station. Of the stations, the most famous one is Mizuma Kannon. The station was opened in 1926 and as of 2015, it has a history of 90 years. This historical building was designated as one of the country’s tangible cultural properties. On the first and third Sundays of each month, the station gets busy with people visiting “Sunday Ekinaka Marche” held on a train.

Address:260 Mizuma, Kaizuka City, Osaka
Open:First train leaves at 5:25am/Last train leaves at 11:27pm (2 to 3 trains running every hour)
Closed:Open 365 days
Fare:290 JPY for Kaizuka to Mizuma Kannon

Cherry blossom viewpoints in Kaizuka City
Both “Mizuma Koen” near Mizumadera temple and “Zenbei Land” are popular spots for cherry blossom viewing in the city. The flowers usually peak late in March through early in April.

Tourist destinations

Mizumadera Temple
This historical Tendaishu temple was founded in 744 (Tenpyo 16) with “Sho Kanzeon Bosatsu” as its deity. It is known for the “Senbon-duki Mochitsuki (mochi pounding)” event on January 2nd and 3rd and also for the oldest three-storied pagoda in Osaka.

Address:638 Mizuma, Kaizuka City, Osaka
Access:10 minutes’ walk from “Mizuma Kannon station” on Mizuma Railway
Open:Precinct is open anytime (Main hall is open between 7:30 am to 4:00 pm)
Closed:Open 365 days

Kaizuka Onsen resort Honoji no sato
A quiet and peaceful resort facility in the mountains. In addition to the hot spring known as “Bijin-no-yu (a hot spring for beauty)”, the facility is equipped with sleeping accommodations, a BBQ terrace and also a restaurant. A Hands-on woodcraft activity is available for visitors for 1,000 JPY/person (except Tuesdays and Wednesdays).

Address:2114 Sobura, Kaizuka City, Osaka
Access:20 minutes on “Harmony Bus” from “Mizuma Kannon station” on Mizuma Railway. Get off at “Honoji no sato” bus stop and walk for 3 minutes
Business Hours:Hot spring open hours (for those not staying overnight) 7am to 9pm (last entry by 8:30pm)
Closed:No scheduled holidays
Admission:Day trippers 620 JPY(adult)

Nishiki no hama beach
A stunning white-sand beach over 1 km long. This snug beach gets crowded with clam diggers from spring through early summer and with swimmers headed to the only beach in Osaka in summer. With advance application, you can also enjoy BBQ on the beach (a charge applicable).

Address:859-1 Sawa, Kaizuka City, Osaka
Access:10 minutes’ walk from “Nishikino-hama Station” on Nankai Railway
Closed:Open 365 days

Kaizuka Gobo Gansenji Temple
The city’s central historical Jyodo Shinshu temple. This large temple was the base of Honganji, the head temple of the denomination for 2 years since 1583 (Tensho 11) and it is still quite popular among many known as “Bokkan-san”.

Address:846 Naka, Kaizuka City, Osaka
Access:5 minutes’ walk from “Kaizuka station” on Nankai Railway
Open:Precinct is open anytime
Closed:Open 365 days
Admission Fee:Free

Puratto Kaizuka
A tourist information center as well as a souvenir shop of selected made-in Kaizuka products. It is located right by Kaizuka station, so make this place your first destination after arriving to the city. You can get useful tourist information here before heading out to the city.

Address:130 Umizuka, Kaizuka City, Osaka
Access:A short walk from “Kaizuka station” on Nankai Railway
Business Hours:9:00-16:00
Closed on:Tuesdays (open on National holidays)

Tsuge gushi(Tsuge Comb)
A must-buy souvenir at Puratto Kaizuka. The city is known as the oldest home of Tsuge gushi (wooden comb made with tsuge trees) in Japan. Since the combs are made with trees that have verse dense wood, they can comb hair quite smoothly and without damaging the hair. It is said that tsuge kushi are one of the finest quality combs available.

Explore fine gourmet in the city

Steak Restaurant Yumeikki
A steak house mainly offering the finest-class beef course menus selected by discerning professionals. Do try their outstanding ham as well, which has won 10 medals at international contests held in Germany.

Address:1-7-8 Kashin, Kaizuka City, Osaka
Access:7 minutes’ walk from “Kaizuka Shiyakusho Mae” on Mizuma Railway
Closed:Open 365 days

Fukagawa Honten
A high-class Japanese style restaurant where fresh sushi is available for reasonable prices. Among all their dishes, “Sushi Gozen”(¥2,000), a combination of sushi with exclusively selected toppings and tempura is notably popular with “washoku” lovers.

Address:17-15 Kogi-cho, Kaizuka City, Osaka
Access:2 minutes’ walk from “Kaizuka Station” on Nankai Railway
Closed:Wednesdays (take-outs are available any days between 10 am and 8pm)

Udon Yosakoi
A restaurant where you can enjoy a wide selection of washoku meals including the famous Udon-suki, Mizunasu Udon (880 JPY) and Kaizuka Yaki-udon (880 JPY). Savor delicious meals that are made with intense passion and time. They are only available here!

Address:9-22 Tsudakita-cho, Kaizuka City, Osaka
Access:10 minutes’ walk from “Tako Jizou station” on Nankai Railway
Open:11:30-14:30, 17:00-23:00
Closed:No scheduled holidays

seed Kaizuka
This place offers a wide selection of menus made with abundant fine-quality veggies safely produced in the Senshu area. Among them, oven-baked Napoli pizza (starts at 1,180 JPY) as well as seasonal cheesecake (480 JPY) are especially tasty.

Address:553-2 Ishizai, Kaizuka City, Osaka
Access:4 minutes’ walk from “Ishizai station” on Mizuma Railway
Open:11:00-15:30, 18:00-23:00(Open until 12am on Fridays, Saturdays and days before National holidays)
Closed:Open 365 days

Otsukemono kobo Kawaiya
The shop is famous for carefully produced tsukemono (pickles) including pickled Mizu-nasu (a kind of eggplant), which are actually a local specialty of the Senshu area. In 2015, the product won the “Japan Gift Awards - Osaka Award” and since then, their name has been becoming even more prominent.

Address:7-2-3 Higashiyama, Kaizuka, Osaka
Access:7 minutes’ walking from “Mitsumatsu station” on Mizuka Railway
Business Hours:9:00-18:00